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November 21, 2008

The Vermont Department of Education is dedicated to providing educators with a wide range of professional development opportunities. In order to assure excellence they have reached out to organizations that offer expertise in a range of areas.

ALLTech is an organization that believes that “Technology is About People.” We work to support individuals of all ages and abilities by using technology. We are delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with the Vermont DOE  by offering several full and half day workshops.

We realize that students learn in a variety of ways. We also know that when technology is properly integrated into the classroom it can be of great assistance to many students who might otherwise struggle. We’re passionate about our work and are looking forward to sharing what we know with you!

Please visit the Professional Development link on the right side of this page. Register for one or more workshops. Come! Learn! Have fun!


We can discuss whether you get more snow there in Vermont than we do here in Maine when we meet. In the meantime we ask that you come back to this site on a regular basis to reivew questions and comments posed AND to check in on cancellations and other miscellaneous information that you may need.

Think snow all you want. . . but hope for clear, sunny professional development days!

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I encourage you to post. We’ll hope for posting after workshops to continue dialogue. Good luck and have fun!

Your ALLTech Connection Team!